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What is
        Teen Bible Quizzing

  • An avenue of meaningful B​ible study f​or youth to attain a deep knowledge of Romans and James
  • A means of i​ncreasing fellowship a​nd interaction among young believers from different backgrounds
  • An integral part of o​utreach and discipleship
  • A medium for the t​raining and mentoring o​f youth leadership
  • A catalyst for encouraging active participation in m​inistries beyond Sunday services and youth group
  • An arena for exciting C​hristian competition


Quizzing brings together young believers

across Bay County and beyond and encourages unity across denominations

through Jesus Christ

and the love of His Word.



Each season, a selected book or books of the Bible are studied verse by verse.

Youth encourage each other

to stay committed to study

and to keep Christlike attitudes

throughout practices

and competitions. 


A  fun way to study God's Word,

competition provides challenges,

opportunities, and rewards

and inspires team spirit,

leadership and sportsmanship. 



Weekly local matches determine

who progresses to district meets.

Special invitationals during the season 

offer opportunities for trips

packed full of quizzing

and other exciting activities.